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Bike Monkey Ninja Hoodie

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With relative certainty, these strange symbols mean "BIKE MONKEY" in Japanese.

With Ninja Hoodie, you can disappear into the darkness. Black on black, this style will stand the test of time.

This hoodie is literally guaranteed to make you go unnoticed in any crowd.
Years in the making, this highly coveted hoodie was created to help our esteemed leader slip into a crowd and focus on his craft without any interruption, distraction or identification--he simply could not be seen.

You too can own one of these rare human cloaks which can give you the strength of 10 humans.



比較的確実に、これは日本語で「BIKE MONKEY」です。




現在、予約注文時に、これらのアイテムは、Levi's GranFondoで印刷され、手元にあります。ここで注文することで、今日の保証ができます。