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SoNoMas "Boar's Tusk" Race Poster by Fred Struckholz

SoNoMas "Boar's Tusk" Race Poster by Fred Struckholz

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SoNoMas "Boar's Tusk" Race Poster by Fred Struckholz.

Rare, limited edition handprinted commemorative poster by incredibly talented artist Fred Struckholz of Rhode Island.

The event that was no mas... This poster was hand-screen printed and produced for the 2019 edition of SoNoMas, California's most grueling cross country mountain bike race. But the Kincade fire had something to say about our efforts and smoked us out before the event could take place.


Our Posters:
Each and every event we produce is inspired by pop culture or current events, and artists such as Fred bring those ideas to life. He then takes it from drawing to screen to paper, all by himself.

Custom mixed paints are laid onto premium poster stock by hand from start to finish by the very designer himself. Each poster is individually numbered and signed.


Created : 2019
Run : 200 individual prints, numbered and signed.

Dimensions (in inches): 25 x 16

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