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Trail T: St. Smallman's - Women's

Trail T: St. Smallman's - Women's

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The principle behind the Bike Monkey Trail T is simple:
Celebrate the greatest dirt-artisans of our time.

$15 From every blue colored shirt and $75 From every pilsner colored shirt goes to REMBA for Kevin's trail redevelopment project at Boggs Demonstration State Forest. #RaiseThePines!!


Women's Ts are Cooler Blue ($40), Fire or Pilsner ($100).

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This is the first in what will become a series of shirts released by Bike Monkey celebrating the beating heart of trail builders. Without question, Kevin Smallman is a fan favorite. His blood, sweat and tears have without question shaped the minds of countless young persons who have experienced his work ethic and flourishing trail system at Camp Wente in Willits, California.


The #RaiseThePines shirt will celebrate Kevin Smallman's contribution to the future of mountain biking and give back to a major project where he is restoring something that is at the core of Bike Monkey: Boggs. The Valley Fire took it away from all of us, but Kevin is bringing it back. Let's help him do that, but more importantly, let's celebrate the principle on which that work is being done.


Bike Monkey's Trail T is printed on 100% post-consumer product only. It's part of our effort to reduce our impact on the planet. It comes at a cost, but it also allows you to give back to something meaningful. $15 from each shirt sold will go directly to the restoration efforts at Boggs Demonstration State Forest, and will symbolize your support. Make that $75 if you opt for the Pilsner version Kevin himself sports! #RaiseThePines


If you forward your purchase receipt to REMBA, they can provide you with a tax deduction for the amount that was donated on your behalf to them--Either $15 or $75 depending on which shirt you purchase.

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