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NEW! Flagship Buckwheat / Ultrasuede "Racer Pillow"

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Racer Pillow:

Introducing the first ever Racer Pillow by Bike Monkey!

Brand new to start 2021 in style and comfort, these ultra-high-end pillows are hand sewn in-house. Made of four different colored panels of super-soft Ultrasuede fabric and filled with buckwheat hulls, their heft will hold you firmly in place, in comfort and in style.

We call it the Racer Pillow--the perfect companion to your long competition days on the road or in your tent.

We chose buckwheat filling for its weight, durability and moldability, making it perfect for adding a new level of comfort to long-drives between races or quick naps between laps in the comfort of anything from your humble solo tent to your decked out overlanding super-van.

Also, they look and feel absolutely beautiful.

Supply is low, so in some cases these will be made-to-order, adding a couple days of production to your delivery. Brand new colors will be released soon. Our "Blue Racer Pillow" is the flagship color combo, representing the three iconic blue stripes that have always flown for Bike Monkey's own brand.

Size: 16x16"