GranFondo 2017 Biemme Shorts/Bibs

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Levi's GranFondo cycling kits are now made by Biemme, a leader in the world of technical cycling clothing. According to Levi Leipheimer, the Biemme kit is the best he has ever worn. We've tested it, and we couldn't agree more. We've worked closely with Biemme to design and provide a kit that best meets our participants' needs: kits include a luxurious, multi-panel bottom with a high-end chamois and a breathable, comfortable jersey that eliminates chafing, binding, or zipper interference.

We do advise taking a minute to get your measurements right and refer to the BIEMME SIZING CHART before ordering, as these kits are sized differently--and more generously--than our previous brand's kits. Learn more about Biemme clothing here.