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Annadel Commemorative tshirt - Women's

Annadel Commemorative tshirt - Women's

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So 'tis with bike race production. We've endured a horrendous regulatory hoop jump this year, all for the privilege of racing in our beloved Annadel. We can now say that we're the only bike race we know of that has gone through the full requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. We won't bore you with the details here, but should your Ambien not be working, we can forward you the 79-page study we drafted with several environmental and archaeological consultants over the course of the last eight months.

Never before have you been able to support your local parks, not only through your race registration but also t-shirt purchases to drive support for the Sonoma County Trails Council and the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation.

Proceeds from the Annadel XC registration and t-shirts will benefit these organizations.

Comfort-fit commemorative T-Shirt by Bike Monkey Inc. We don't skimp on quality!

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