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Levi's GranFondo Voler Black Label Women's Bibs

Levi's GranFondo Voler Black Label Women's Bibs

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Designed by TJ Eisenhart

The ultimate cycling bib short, built with high-compression fabric and the premium Comp HP pad for the most demanding riders and rides.

Power Grip Legbands: A three inch wide, silicon-free fabric with an integrated textured backing to keep shorts from slipping.

T-Back Bib Harness: Anatomical, wide mesh straps reduce shoulder pressure while comfortably securing bottoms and chamois for the longest hauls.

Reflective Accents: Strategically placed, highly reflective flash fabric boosts visibility in low light.

High Compression Fit: A blend of high-performance fabric blends that promote blood flow and support muscles to squeeze a little extra oompfh out of those legs.


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