Buy a Kid a Shirt

Buy a shirt for homeless youth.

Every item in this collection is $15 or more which means that if you purchase it, we'll give a shirt to a kid who needs it.

Having partnered with Social Advocates For Youth, we've been exposed to the dire circumstance of being a homeless child. No kid should have to face homelessness. But they do. In Sonoma County where we live and work, youth homelessness leads the nation per capita. So we are right in the middle of a problem that needs to be solved.

That's why we created King Ridge Foundation, a California 501(c)3 non-profit to give at-risk youth a chance. In partnership with KRF and Social Advocates for Youth, you can help just by doing what you were going to do anyway--put it in your cart. But this time you get to do so knowing it makes a difference to someone other than yourself.

Clean clothes mean more than you think. It helps with self-esteem, lets kids present themselves better, and opens the opportunity of employment where a door might otherwise be shut.

A clean shirt can be a pivot point. Hopefully one of many that we can contribute toward the greater good.